World Animal Protection

World Animal Protection had completed a 52-page report entitled ‘Taken for a Ride’, outlining deplorable conditions experienced by elephants used for tourism in Asia. With the goal of gathering names and email addresses of sympathizers and potential financial supporters, the organization wanted to develop an engaging online précis of the report and make it available in sixteen countries around the world.

Haft2 partnered with digital firm Capellic to write, design and build a microsite that addressed the plight of elephants in captivity for the tourism industry. Using powerful photography and the shocking statistics provided by World Animal Protection, we designed a microsite that tells a compelling narrative about cruelty to these large and gentle creatures and what could be done about it. ‘Unite for the Herd’ became our theme and global rallying cry. The microsite was translated into eight different languages and simultaneously launched in sixteen countries. The site was promoted via social media with #unitefortheherd.

The team worked successfully across multiple time zones and the report launched globally on July 6. Two weeks after the launch, the report has garnered substantial international media coverage and its traction on social channels continues to grow.

The colour orange often exudes feelings of optimism which is a driving force for the World Animal Protection brand. The digital report strategically used the World Animal Protection orange to keep the brand at the top of mind, enticing action and change.