Stem Cell Institute

Project Location

Toronto, Canada

Project scope

Visual Identity

On December 6, 2018, UHN Foundation launched the McEwen Stem Cell Institute (MSCI). The event celebrated a decade of achievements from the McEwen Centre for Regenerative Medicine and launch of the new institute.

Haft2 was engaged to create a bold new image for MSCI, positioning the Institute as an innovative world leader. It was important to develop an emotional and compelling narrative to engage and inspire key stakeholders and create a unique and ownable campaign graphic language that included cell images, a distinct colour palette and typesetting. Additionally, we were tasked with developing interesting ideas for the event and awareness campaign activations.

McEwen Stem Cell Institute brochure backside
McEwen Stem Cell Institute brochure


The first step was to create a compelling and engaging narrative and as a result developed of the creed “Revolution Looks Like This.” Once the theme was established, we developed the visual language, which included the colour palette, fonts for the campaign, cell visuals, and graphics. The visual language was then applied to a variety of applications to create print ads, installations, stationery, street car wrap, The Globe & Mail advertisements, t-shirts, 30-second video, event invitation.

McEwen Stem Cell Institute bus wrap
McEwen Stem Cell Institute mobile van
McEwen Stem Cell Institute tshirt
McEwen Stem Cell Institute button


MSCI is now recognized as a global leader in stem cell research, attracting top researchers around the world. It is funded by donors and has significant funding by McEwen family.