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Mawuya Reconnect

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Toronto, Canada

Project scope

Graphic Design
Visual Identity
Brand Architecture

Every new hire at the Mastercard Foundation completes a robust onboarding process when they join the organization. This process is comprised of an internal program called Mawuya and is a cornerstone of the organization’s People & Culture team. Mawuya means growth and is a program meant to familiarize the new hire with the Foundation’s values, mission, goals, and culture.

After the new employee has been at the Foundation for a period of time, they are re-engaged for the second phase of the program – Mawuya Reconnect. This on-site event and program allows employees the opportunity to reconnect with their peers, reflect on their personal journey, and realign with the company’s values.

Haft2 was brought on to lead the creative development of the visual identity for the Mawuya Reconnect program, creating a vibrant and engaging program aesthetic that also fit within also fit within the Brand Architecture & Guidelines of the Mastercard Foundation overall.

Mastercard Foundation internal workshop Mawuya style guide


Armed with our knowledge of the architecture system and brand guidelines, Haft2 set to work creating a visual language system that reflected the program’s goals of growth and connection.

The visual language used the Foundation’s internal colour palette and took inspiration from the “M” in the program name and wordmark. The “M” was used to create a graphic element, and then expanded further to create a pattern of intersecting and interconnecting elements. The “M” graphic element was also used as a vessel for photography of employees and reinforced the purpose of the program. The overall visual language was vibrant and when applied to event applications, brought life and energy into the event space.

Haft2 mapped out the employee’s experience at the event and designed applications to enhance the event experience, such as a PowerPoint template, recognition certificate, pull-up banner, journal, water bottles and custom name tags. Finally, Haft2 created a style guide for the Foundation outlining how to use this visual language on additional applications, should they wish to expand the program in the future.

Mawuya Notebook Cover


Haft2 worked closely with the Foundation’s printing vendor in Africa to ensure the final artwork was perfectly prepared and delivered for a successful event. The client was delighted with the overall look and received positive responses from employees who attended the event. As an internal and HR program, this was widely considered a succesful project, and the work will be used for future Mawuya Reconnect program events.

“Thank you for supporting us with Mawuya Reconnect project. The project was completed within time and scope. Haft2 Team remained flexible and adaptable even with last minute requests.”

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Mastercard Foundation internal workshop Mawuya banners
Mastercard Foundation internal workshop Mawuya people