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Toronto, Canada 

Project scope

Social Media Campaign 

Haft2 was engaged by Helping Hands Healthcare to redesign their visual identity, modernize their brand, and design an updated website to reflect the monumental changes to the brand look. As the new identity and website was launched both internally and externally, it was apparent the company’s social media channels also required an overhaul to better reflect the new direction for this established healthcare company. Haft2 was tasked with assessing the company’s social channels, creating a social strategy based on the findings, and creating content to bolster brand recognition and engagement.

Helping Hands Healthcare Social Media Grid


Haft2 recommended first conducting a comprehensive audit and assessment on Helping Hands Healthcare’s owned social channels, along with its competitors. Our review included assessing backend analytics of owned social channels (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and TikTok), and a sweeping review of each channel’s engagement, reach, and content. We carefully reviewed competitors as well, to understand how the category utilizes social media and establish benchmarks for our program.

Following a presentation of our key findings and insights, we developed a social media strategy for Helping Hands Healthcare. Our strategy focused on content, outlining key categories to increase engagement, demonstrate credibility, and continue to raise brand awareness. Additionally, we provided “quick fix opportunities” for challenges the company’s social channels were experiencing. For example, ensuring all accounts were business accounts and recommending simple tweaks to ensure posts were not shadow-banned, and sharing best practices for engagement.

Based on the approved strategy, Haft2 developed a professional aesthetic for the social channel feeds that reflected the new brand identity. The team also developed post templates (both for the image and caption) and established KPIs to measure against monthly.

Haft2 created an Editorial Calendar, ensuring the right ratio of content categories and including recommended posting dates and times. Finally, Haft2 created a system for delivering the final content (post + caption) in a timely and consistent manner, so the internal team at Helping Hands Healthcare could easily manage the scheduling of all content on targeted channels.


Brand consistency and engaging content on the company’s social channels has increased across the board on growth and engagement. Employee posts continue to receive the highest engagement rates, which aligns with our overall strategy.

Haft2’s continued monthly support and management of Helping Hands Healthcare’s social channels allows their internal staff time to focus on other marketing initiatives building brand awareness.

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