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The Royal Conservatory of Music engaged Haft2 to develop the media/creative strategy and design support for the 2021 Back to School US and Canada Teachers Campaign. The campaign goal was to establish the RCM Certificate Program as a comprehensive music program, educate and reinforce to new, emerging music teachers that RCM is the only system they need, and differentiate the Certificate Program as the best way to learn music by offering an integrated education system of the highest quality.


To garner awareness from two target audiences, US teachers and Canadian teachers, we developed two unique digital media concepts to align with the messaging goal we had for each. The concept was that music is alive inside every music teacher. To represent that, the silhouetted head of a music teacher acts as a frame or window on a video of hands playing a piano. The initial screen is filled with the video, and as time progresses, the head silhouette becomes apparent as it slowly decreases in size to its final position in the closing frame. The hand-lettered typeface gives a personalized quality, reflecting the individuality of the teachers. The use of video along with illustration created eye-catching ad campaigns that incorporated the RCM colour palette.

For both target audiences, we used a combination of SEO, paid social and display digital ads that included video and GIFs for both the main campaign and remarketing. As well, we used a video sequencing technique, a series of three short video ads that helped the impact for the targeted audiences. For every viewer who saw Video 1 and did not interact, they then saw Video 2 and subsequently Video 3. We also boosted interactions in the US market by including interstitial ads during the conversion phase.


We attracted a mix of new teachers and those with existing accounts from Canada and the US. In the end, the results exceeded the target goal set by RCM.

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