The Stratagem Group
Brand Identity &
Website Development

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Toronto, Canada

Project scope

Brand Identity & Web Development 

In 2019, The Stratagem Group arrived on the film, entertainment, and production scene in Toronto. The Stratagem Group was in growth mode at the time, blossoming into an integrated portfolio of companies that support the television, film and streaming industry at every stage and facet of the production timeline. Haft2 was engaged to define the organization’s brand positioning, and utilizing that new position, develop a brand architecture system, refreshed visual identity, and a corporate website.

Stratagem brand standards spreads


At the onset of this project, Haft2 worked closely with key stakeholders at The Stratagem Group to complete a comprehensive Discovery Phase, where we sought to understand and articulate the company’s vision, shared beliefs, and key attributes. Working with our strategist on this project, we gleaned important insights about the company’s audiences and their future goals.

Haft2 developed a brand pyramid for The Stratagem Group, which led to the key insight that the company is really in the business of unleashing Canada’s creative power. Our research helped define the brand’s energy, style and character, and articulate their driving belief. Armed with our strong cornerstone brand pyramid, Haft2 also developed a rallying creed, which was unreservedly received and united key stakeholders on the future of this emerging organization.

Using our key insights and understanding of the company’s goals, Haft2 designed the architecture to accommodate the current and future structure of the company.

Stratagem products letterhead, web page, business card
Stratagem t-shirt

Haft2 refreshed the existing logo and developed a visual language system, which included a unique colour palette for each division. The refreshed logo took inspiration from its legacy mark – lines in a random pattern intersect, displaying a network of interconnected elements. The lines were designed loose, but created a unit with a strong vertical brand, allowing the wordmark to tuck into the icon, no matter what the configuration. The use of lower characters gave the mark a fluid, versatile quality. The selected colours embraced the power of boundless creativity – bold and modern, yet sophisticated – which were key attributes within our brand positioning. Haft2 designed and produced a full suite of corporate stationery materials for the organization’s internal and external needs.

Haft2 also led, designed, and built The Stratagem Group’s corporate website. Using detailed audience personas to evaluate the various requirements of the website, Haft2 built a website with the user experience prioritized. Security on the website was of utmost importance, given the sensitivity of materials that could be shared on the site, and that was handled with care and consideration. Content development and design was led by Haft2.


The Stratagem Group’s new brand positioning, visual identity and architecture were enthusiastically embraced by the internal and external stakeholders. The refreshed identity was publicly launched through the new corporate website and at industry events in 2019–2020. The website has seen increased traffic and engagement. The brand identity and website are live and active today, and the company continues to receive new accolades and growth in the industry.

years since the website has been live, with increased engagement each year.
unique new brand colours created.
universally approved brand positioning by senior management, as we nailed it the first time!