Miami City Ballet
2021/2022 Program

Project Location

Miami, USA

Project scope

Print/Digital Magazine

It was a familiar story in the midst of the pandemic: After a year and a half of stillness, Miami City Ballet (MCB) was eager to welcome back patrons with open arms. They wanted to offer a chance for everyone to escape, even briefly, the mundane everyday routines we all knew too well by then. They hoped to reconnect audiences, and the world, with the joyful connection that is awoken throughout a crowd experiencing a live performance together.

MCB had the opportunity to capture broader audiences through its branding and marketing efforts. While the current audiences are older and are already ballet lovers, MCB had the opportunity to appeal to a broader set of persuadable arts, culture, live entertainment goers who are “ballet curious”. Those are people who may or may not have current attachment to ballet but whose psychographics and values indicate that they can develop a connection to ballet in the future.

For the third year in a row, MCB engaged Haft2 to design the program for the 2021/2022 season, a program to communicate all the joy and sense of freedom the arts can bring to tired spirits. The season design needed to be flexible to be used in print, digital and environmental applications.

Miami Ballet 2021/2022 inside spread


In discussions with MCB, we refined and fleshed out their want-list of what the program should convey. The key aspects to express were:

Escape – far away from the mundane everyday

Sense of freedom – the antithesis of restraint; a drop of wildness, unstructured beauty, a sense of abandon

Warm and welcoming – open arms to everyone, young and old, ballet aficionados and newcomers alike

Joyful connection – the thrill of reconnecting to audiences and to the world; MCB embodies that joy and wants their audiences to feel it

Authentically Miami – strong sense of place and pride in South Florida

Blockbusters – a mix of beloved classics that are “do not miss” events and new works

Miami Ballet 2021/2022 Brochure front cover

Haft2 recommended a bold, dynamic new image that appealed to the emotional and experiential value proposition of live ballet performance; MCB had the opportunity to capture the imagination, curiosity and aspiration of broader prospective set of audiences.

We named the season theme / program Sunshine in Motion. The program had two purposes: An invitation for audiences to return to or discover MCB, and an overview of the scheduled performances. The photography for those two purposes was necessarily going to be different.

First, for the invitation portion, we took things outside: Images, flowing, lithe, and bright, were taken in Bonnet House Museum and Gardens in Fort Lauderdale by renowned fashion photographer Gary James. The dancers, dressed in ballet-appropriate clothes – but not costumes – were in poses that, for all their delicate grace, were uplifting and fun.

Second, into the MCB studio we went, shooting tableaux of the scheduled performances, capturing the glow and power of live ballet. The poses were more formal than in the outdoor shoot, but the joy of the dancers poured out of the images tied the two sets together.

Our colour palette included clean yet vibrant pastels, inspired by the lush flowers and foliage found in Miami. The colours provided a warm field on which to assemble the images.

The decorative font we chose for the program headlines repeated that freedom and joy. Best of all, Haft2 animated the font for use in the campaign.


Miami Ballet 2020/2021 Brochure inside cover


The anticipated production – a combination of video, large projection screens, and live performances – has garnered local, national and international attention. With a limited budget of paid support and PR, subscriptions out on hold were regained and new subscription sales increased; ticket sales exceeded all expectations within the first two weeks.