TSO Fall 2016 Campaign

Following a very successful 2015/16 season, the TSO approached Haft2 to help launch its next one. It was crucial to meet sales targets during the fall as this time period “makes or breaks” their fiscal performance for the year. Selling tickets during fall 2016 was especially competitive as the local entertainment sector was also offering seats at the Toronto International Film Festival, Toronto Blue Jays baseball games, and The World Cup of Hockey.

Acknowledging the competitive buzz, Haft2 designed a campaign that invited the target audience to “Escape into Music”. In addition to details about the various concert options, the work incorporated a sense of urgency and strong call to action, highlighting emotions associated with each performance.

Four weeks into the campaign, the TSO was tracking ahead of budget and had sold out 18 performances.

What better way to express the mystery of escape for the TSO fall campaign than to draw from nature. The distinct use of orange, red, and purple, along with black line illustration, created a memorable campaign.