Save the Children


Save the Children wanted to address one core accountability issue that they have faced since 2018 – safeguarding. Lessons learned from the 2018 – and previous Accountability Reports – show that while the narrative is insightful and helpful, the most useful and searched-for aspect of the Accountability Report from staff, donors and the media is the data that it contains. Feedback also showed that the transparency barometer was confusing to readers and didn’t helpfully reflect an increase in transparency over time. One of the main objectives of Save the Children’s Accountability Report was to help build trust with donors, supporters, public and staff by;

  • Being transparent with their data
  • Describing how they are accountable
  • Demonstrating leadership in this area of work within their sector

The client wanted to strike a balance between a more traditional corporate report and editorial magazine-style layout.


Taking all that into account, Haft2 designed a modular grid system with a minimalist, highly structured visual architecture approach to the design that made the report more accessible, user friendly, and focused on transparency of data. We divided the report into three sections:

  1. In Focus – a deep-dive into one area of accountability
  2. Our Data – graphs and charts on five areas of accountability
  3. Accountability Framework – meeting our own standards of accountability

Haft2 replaced the transparency barometer with a section that instead focused on how Save the Children were holding themselves to account through their accountability framework.


The new, modern, approachable design was well received by employees and donors. Haft2 used primary and secondary brand colours to create and highlight important content, features and informational graphics throughout the design. The content was easy to read, especially for those with disabilities, as the design incorporated Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) standards.