Right To Play

Every June, Right To Play (RTP) encouraged schools across Canada to participate in a day of play where children learn about leadership through educational games and activities. The day had been loosely tied to optional fundraising, but in 2017, the mandate was to formalize the fundraising component and increase revenue from schools by 10–20%.

Haft2 designed a new fundraising program from top to bottom, called Play Your Part Challenge. Each school was asked to commit to raising a minimum of $250.00 through activities of their choosing. As incentive to participate, they would be entered into a draw to have RTP Ambassador and Toronto Maple Leaf star Zack Hyman come to their school. In preparation for the program, the agency produced a toolkit on how to run the day, letters for parents and teachers containing a case for support, a large banner recognizing participation, template Twitter and Facebook posts, and promotional posters for the school’s events. We also produced red ball icons to post at the school for every dollar donated. The device helped the students monitor their progress and provided social media opportunities.

Eighty schools signed up for the inaugural Play Your Part Challenge. Each exceeded the fundraising goal and RTP revenue from schools increased by 40%. Social media channels delivered a reach of 41,183 and 481,895 impressions.

The development of a consistent 3-colour palette has helped unify all the individual pieces of the “Play Your Part” campaign, bringing a friendly and professional look to the brand.