Cullen’s Foods

Ben Cullen, son of popular gardener and media personality Mark Cullen, was introduced to Haft2 as he was working through a strategy for a new business venture. Having grown up growing things and armed with the knowledge that “buy local” is a popular movement, Ben believed there was an opportunity to partner with local farmers and get into the retail food business.

Haft2 helped Ben work through a brand strategy for Cullen’s Foods. We helped articulate the values inherent in the Cullen name, the brand promise and the brand belief. With the decision that Cullen’s Foods first products were to be a line of dry beans, Haft2 designed the eco-friendly packaging with colour coding and a transparent window. Next, we created the corporate website to provide product information and recipes.

Cullen Foods has been successfully launched into bulk stores and smaller retail outlets including Mama Earth Organics. The business is expanding both its distribution and product line, now offering Chickpeas and French Lentils. As plans to launch more grains take shape, Haft2 will continue to be a proud supporter of this entrepreneurial enterprise.

To stand out in a competitive space, Haft2 choose a unique brand colour palette using charcoal grey as the consistent brand colour. We used bright vivid colours for each individual SKU.