Affleck Greene McMurtry

Affleck Greene McMurtry (AGM) is a boutique litigation law firm in downtown Toronto. As leaders in litigation for 25 years, they wanted to remain differentiated among other litigation boutiques and large law firms alike. In preparation for a progressive and dynamic future, they sought to refresh their brand positioning and visual identity.

AGM engaged Haft2 to do a thorough brand review and create a new brand identity. Haft2 re-introduced the robe worn by lawyers as a key visual, recognizing that it was a significant sign of distinction among litigators. We gave the robe a new visual treatment from which we developed a new logo. Lastly, we updated an assortment of print and website applications with the new identity.

The new brand launched at the AGM 25th anniversary event in September 2013, and was enthusiastically received by partners and employees. AGM’s new look successfully captures the confidence and attitude of this leading-edge law firm.

Black is aggressive, powerful, and authoritative. Black and white together suggest there is no grey area; a perfect idiom for a litigation firm. The highlight colour of green suggests balance, good judgement and wealth. Green is also a heritage colour of the firm, but we pushed it brighter and bolder to suggest the forward momentum of the brand.