World Ovarian Cancer Day

Although there are hundreds of organizations around the world dedicated to educating women about the signs
 of ovarian cancer and lending support to patients, there was never one group to link them all together. In an effort to gain momentum and international attention for the cause, the first World Ovarian Cancer Day (WOCD) was launched in 2013 by Ovarian Cancer Canada. To establish WOCD globally, it was important that it stand out, while also remaining mindful of different cultural values and priorities.

Haft2 was engaged to produce a unique identity, including a logo, tagline, name, and colour strategy. Once brand identity components were agreed upon by an international steering committee, we developed an integrated campaign with customizable print and digital content for each individual market.

In the three years since WOCD was launched, it has grown from 28 participating organizations to 107.

The 2016 campaign garnered over one million impressions, 1,590 Twitter followers, 1,025 tweets, 2,024 #WorldOvarianCancerDay posts
, and 11,153 Facebook likes.

Our campaign included strategic use of teal, the global colour for ovarian cancer awareness, complemented with burgundy, the colour associated with women’s gynaecological cancers.