McEwen Stem Cell Institute Campaign


  • On December 6, 2018, TGWHF will launch the McEwen Stem Cell Institute. The event will celebrate a decade of achievements from the McEwen Centre for Regenerative Medicine and launch the new institute.
  • Objectives: create bold new image for MSCI, positioning the Institute as an innovative, world leader.
  • Develop an emotional and compelling narrative to engage and inspire key stakeholders.
  • Create a unique and ownable campaign graphic language that includes cell images, a distinct colour palette and typesetting.
  • Develop interesting ideas for the event and awareness campaign activations.


  • Developed of the Creed  “Revolution Looks Like This.”
  • Developed Visual Language (Colour Palette, Fonts, Cell Visuals, Graphics)
  • Used Visual Language to create Print Ads, Installations, Stationery, Street Car Wrap, Globe & Mail Advertisements, T-Shirts, 30-second video, Event Invitation



  • Now recognized as a global leader in stem cell research attracting top researchers around the world. Funded by donors and significant funding by McEwen family