Mastercard Foundation

The Baobab Summit is a signature event for Mastercard Foundation’s Scholars Program. Haft2 was engaged to revamp the graphic look of the 2017 Summit to reflect the youthful vibrancy of the attendees and the host city of Johannesburg, South Africa.

Haft2 first held a collaborative brainstorm with the Mastercard Foundation team to explore how to turn a traditional conference experience on its head. We thoroughly deconstructed the event experience, discussed the components of a successful summit and how to meet the objectives with a new, creative approach. Over the course of several months, Haft2 developed the communication strategy as well as the creative design, direction and production of the event theme and collateral – including a combination name tag / program guide, a notepad, stage and set design, digital assets, and a colourful eight-foot-tall tower consisting of four cubes We even supervised on-the-ground installation in Johannesburg.

The 2017 Baobab Summit brought 200 Foundation Scholars together to discuss their individual and collective capacity as a force for change through transformative leadership across the African continent. Mastercard Foundation’s post-event survey results positively identified the conference experience as one of the best.

The vibrant, energetic Baobab colour palette is applied to the various event pieces through the treatment of a colourful strip graphic that reflects the inspiring leadership qualities of the Baobab Conference’s youthful attendees.