In September of 2021, Meaningbot, a provider of unbiased deep psychological modeling for companies who want to better understand their employees and applicants, engaged Haft2 to assess and advise on their brand architecture and standards, visual identities and nomenclature system.

Their technology is a first of a kind approach to understanding people at an individual level and increasing diversity and inclusion while eliminating age, gender, race, and ethnic bias from the equation.

The challenge for the brand and visual identity was making the connection between how technology and artificial intelligence allows for a more personal and individualized approach to employees, and teams.



Through Haft2’s exploration, an opportunity for a new brand identity emerged that would help their customers make the connection that technology can enable more uniquely human decision making when executed well. Though this process, the company felt that a new name was needed to meet their ambitions and from those deliberations Hunova emerged. Haft2 created a wordmark logo. The first three letters create a neat negative shape for the ‘U’, making for a strong and bold ownable visual. The ‘U’ also relates the human aspect of the brand, as in YOU, the individual.

⁠The letterforms are customized to create a modern tech appearance, yet with an approachable personality to the wordmark.

Haft2 also created the logo and visual identity for Tambr, Hunova’s Human Capital as a Service platform that leverages people analytics, allowing organizations to optimize their workforce for positive organizational change.



To support the launch of the new name and corporate identity, Haft2 created a website that used the warm colours of the new colour palette and photography to convey that this is a platform with human capital as a service tools powered to serve the workforce of the future.

It’s about understanding everyone is unique, uniquely human.

When the goal is to be approachable, vibrant, and energetic, orange is a no-brainer. Naturally, then, that was our go-to when choosing a brand colour for Hunova's human capital as a service platform, Tambr. The orange also beautifully complemented the blue of Tambr’s icon.