2023 Haft2COLOUR Calendar Project

We’re so jazzed to bring you yet another colourful calendar! Haft2’s Cheers to 2023 calendar is all about brilliantly coloured mocktails. That’s right – alcohol-free recipes to brighten and flavour the year to come. ⁠

In that spirit – so to speak! – all proceeds from Haft2’s Cheers to 2023 will be donated to Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), whose mission it is to end drunk driving, help fight drugged driving, support the victims of these violent crimes, and prevent underage drinking. Calendars are $20.00 plus shipping.⁠

To get yours, email hello@haft2.com today!

Additionally, each month we will be posting a screensaver that you can use on your desktop. Download here.

The colour palette for the 2023 Haft2COLOUR Calendar Project was inspired by the unique mocktail ingredients and the retro-style for illustrations. We relied on the use of shape and colour to create the mocktail recipe infographics.
Image of calendar's front cover and May drink. Front cover graphic says "Cheers to 2023," 0 contains bird-eye view of an orange drink. May entry is "Mint Julep," a graphic of a glass filled with golden brown liquid and mint on top.
Image of calendar's back cover and drink March. On back cover, outlines of different cocktail glasses is repeated in various colours. The March entry is "Mint Matcha Shake," a tall cylindrical glass is filled with a green gradient and white foam on top to replicate a milkshake.
Image of November drink. One side has drink name "Apple Cider Old-Fashioned," a graphic of a short rounded glass is filled with a red-brown gradient and two cinnamon sticks. The back side has a recipe graphic with proportionate circles representing quantities of ingredients.