Evangel Hall Mission

Evangel Hall Mission was celebrating its 10th Anniversary at its facility in downtown Toronto. The job of feeding and caring for up to 200 homeless and socially isolated people every day was taking its toll on both the physical space and the organization’s financial resources. The mission desperately needed to refresh its Drop-in Centre and turn up the dial on its fundraising efforts.


Haft2 stepped up to help ehm as part of the Haft2 Give Back Program, which grants services to deserving not-for-profit organizations. The ehm Drop-in Centre was evaluated and a totally new colour scheme was recommended. We also designed graphics for office doors to help identify where specific services were located. Lastly, we framed a selection of photographs of ehm clients and staff to give the Drop-in a friendlier and more home-like atmosphere.

On the fundraising front, Haft2 designed tin can coin banks for the mission to distribute to churches. The agency also wrote, designed and donated images for a symbolic gifts catalogue in time for the holiday shopping season urging people to “Give the Gift of Community”.

Everyone from Board Members to Drop-in Participants raved about the new look and feel of the space, citing that “it’s cleaner, brighter, and more welcoming”. To-date, the tin can campaign has generated incremental revenue of $12,000 and the gift catalogue $1,700.

How do you communicate faith, hope and love? Using colour. The strategic use of red, blue and green integrates throughout the new ehm branded applications, including their environment.