Haft2 Colour Calendar Project 10th Edition

Although 2021 was challenging, it also provided us time to reflect on life. So, what better way to celebrate life than through plants? Specifically, houseplants. That’s the inspiration for this year’s colours. We’ve compiled a series of twelve indoor plants. Each month features a unique plant that will be sure to liven up any space with its superpower of air purification and delightful pops of colour. Order yours today 


2021 Haft2COLOUR Calendar Project – December

Falu Falu is the rusty, coppery red one associates with barns and cottages in rural Sweden. The official name of the colour is Falu Rödfärg; as a paint, it is manufactured in the copper-mining town of Falun, from which it takes its name. It was originally created to paint Swedish castles and manor houses in View full post

Haft2 Indigenous Internship Program

We’re looking for the brightest creative minds in graphic design! Haft2 is a unique agency where brand and design talent unite in our shared passion for, and belief in the power of colour to change the world. Currently we are looking for a talented Graphic Design Intern to complement our creative team. The goal of the View full post

2021 Haft2COLOUR Calendar Project – November

Coquelicot Our colour for November is coquelicot, a rich, glowing shade of bright red tinted with orange. The word comes from the French vernacular name for the ubiquitous corn poppies that grow wild from North Africa to the UK and from the Canary Islands to the Caucasus. Those same poppies inspired John McCrae’s In Flanders View full post

13 Days of Haft2 Halloween Day10

Family get-together? Lots of kids who want to play cards, too? Then Zombie Eights is the game for you this night! With simple rules and fast gameplay, there’s be much fun and laughter to be had! Bwa-ha-ha! Download a copy of the rules or see them below            

13 Days of Haft2 Halloween Day 5

Bleeding Hearts is another trick-taking game that is ideal for four players, though three or five can play. There is much argument on “traditional” vs. “modern” rules, so our rules might be a new variation for you! And we’re not saying the Queen of Spades is scary . . . but we still think it’s View full post

13 Days of Haft2 Halloween Day 4

A killer selection of spooky movies! It’s Friday! The beginning of the weekend! What better time to start a scary-movie marathon? We have some suggestions to get your watch list started. So, get that popcorn popped and buttered – it’s going to be a horror-filled time! (And if the horror gets too, well, horrible, take View full post

13 Days of Haft2 Halloween Day 2

Looking for a spooktacular game to play that features the Jacks? Why not try Witches Whist! Whist is the 19th century ancestor of Bridge. It’s less complicated, though, and is a perfect game for four on a cold autumn night. Download a copy of the rules or see them below        

2021 Haft2COLOUR Calendar Project – October

Wenge Pumpkins and turkey and leaves, oh my! October has some of the tastiest and most colourful moments of the year, so it’s one of our favourite months. So, this October, while you’re gazing at brilliantly coloured leaves and scarfing down pie, get to know wenge. It’s a lovely coppery dark-brown shade, named for the View full post

2021 Haft2COLOUR Calendar Project – September

Glaucous Back-to-school craziness, summer cottages closing up, and the first fall colours appearing. Yes, it’s September. The last of summer. On the upside, it’s harvest time! Grocery store bins overflow with the bounty of the season, rich purple plums and grapes . . . But wait! Some of them look dusty. Less purple. What is View full post