Haft2 Colour Calendar | June

Post-it Note A colour doesn’t always have to shout to get attention. “Post-it Brand Hero Yellow” (Pantone 120C) is proof of that. A soft, distinctive yellow that’s anything but generic, it’s still a 3M registered trademark, though the patent expired on the low-tack glue in 1997. Who hasn’t used a Post-it? The original sticky note View full post

Haft2 Colour Calendar | May

John Deere Adopted in 1876, John Deere’s leaping deer originally leapt in a downward landing pose. Since 2000, the leaping deer flies up, on a field of green. Not just any green. It’s a brashly verdant green. It’s the green of lush and fertile fields; it’s the green of freshly sprouted crops that inspires the View full post

Haft2 Colour Calendar | April

Cadbury Crème Egg While the colours on Crème Eggs packaging change from time to time and country to country, purple always surrounds the Cadbury wordmark. Cadbury purple – or more precisely, Pantone 2865C – is rich and regal. Quite apropos, as legend has it that the Cadbury brothers chose it as a tribute to Queen View full post

Colourful Language for 2018

Since 2013, Haft2 has led a fundraising initiative that combines our support of non-profit organizations with our passion for colour theory and colour knowledge. The Haft2 Colour Calendar Project has a new life every year, and this year our colour palette and graphics are inspired by the theme of language. We use colourful idioms every View full post