World Animal Protection

World Animal Protection works to end the needless suffering of animals around the world. The need for funding was dire and they had very limited money to launch a fundraising initiative. They needed an effective and low-cost way to acquire new donors.

Haft2 brought considerable strategy and fundraising know-how to the table. Our experience had proven that soliciting donors through a symbolic gift program was inexpensive and resulted in donors staying engaged longer. We created the theme, “celebrate all creatures big and small”, designed a website, and presented an assortment of products and price points.

The World Animal Gifts program increased donors while keeping acquisition costs to a minimum. It was so successful, that the program was exported in its entirety to the U.S., U.K., and Australia.

Average gift size increased to $43.65 / average cart amount $ 83.77
Donor acquisition increased by 25%

In the sequence of visual perception, the brain reads colour after it registers a shape and before it reads content. Choosing the right colour can increase brand recognition by up to eighty percent.