Unicef Canada

For many Canadians, the only experience they had with UNICEF Canada was through the orange boxes children used to collect change at Halloween. As a result, the charity lost ground in terms of relevance and awareness over time. They needed to re-establish what they stood for and what they accomplished day-to- day in the name of child survival.

Haft2 undertook extensive research to help UNICEF Canada reposition itself in the Canadian market and create one umbrella communications platform for all activity. The idea “No Child Too Far” was found to perfectly fit with UNICEF Canada’s vision, mission, and values, and differentiated it from other humanitarian organizations. Using worn boots as the key visual allowed them to better communicate this message and add authenticity to UNICEF’s claim of saving more children’s lives than any other organization.

A post-campaign study in 2013 by Harris Research reported a 20% increase in survey respondents’ willingness to give to UNICEF Canada. The “No Child Too Far” positioning continues to be used in all UNICEF Canada communications nationwide.

We created a unique colour palette for UNICEF Canada, incorporating an iconic blue. This bright, clean blue anchors the other colours to communicate hope and optimism.