TSO Canada Mosaic

As part of Canada’s Sesquicentennial celebrations, the TSO was chosen to present Canada Mosaic, a collection of original two-minute orchestral works highlighting the country’s diverse musical landscape. These works, known as “Sesquies”, are to be performed by 40 partner orchestras in every province across Canada. The logistics of this program are complex and the TSO needed to communicate details on the performances in as simple a way possible.

As a first step, Haft2 created a unique Canada Mosaic logo and program look and feel. Next, we designed a printed insert that literally mapped out the orchestras and artists across the country. This piece was widely distributed in newspapers and magazines. Lastly, we provided graphics and design specifications for the TSO’s microsite.

Concerts are ongoing throughout 2017. With very positive response to the program, concerts throughout Canada are already selling out.

Colour has strong associations, especially when it’s connected to a country’s national colour. Using a key heritage colour with new accents keeps things modern.