Toronto Symphony Orchestra

The TSO found that its newsletter was not welcomed or read by many of their donors and concert-goers. The recipients thought that the content was neither relevant nor engaging. To make matters worse, the publication was very costly. TSO needed to revamp its newsletter in a cost-effective way and re-engage their donor base.

Haft2 met with TSO stakeholders to understand the purpose of the newsletter and see how it could better communicate the new brand positioning. We evaluated the newsletter size, design, content and frequency. We developed various options, and based on feedback from the intended recipients, developed consistent content sections, highlighting musical stories and TSO news and activities. We also developed a template design system that would reduce design time and printing costs.

Reaction to the new publication was immediate and very positive. The TSO received many unsolicited comments on how much donors liked the new format, design and content. Instead of declining, the number of subscribers to the TSO newsletter increased by 17%. The new template design system also significantly reduced printing costs.

Paired with various photography, the quarterly newsletter strategically uses one key colour for every issue, to reflect the sophisticated and aspirational qualities of the TSO brand.