Toronto Symphony Orchestra

For the third year in a row, Haft2 was charged with reimagining the TSO Christmas campaign and promoting ticket sales for Handel’s Messiah. Coming off a record-breaking 2016, the challenge was to refresh the campaign and have all performances sell out once again.

Our clients agreed that our illustrated artwork played a big part in establishing the magic of the season and excitement for the Messiah performances. The unique style we had created was a keeper, but we wanted to refresh it with a new look and feel. We engaged Emily Taylor to illustrate the new design and established a fresh new colour palette. Many media vehicles were employed, including streetcar wraps, wild postings, and an online 15-second video.

Ticket sales to Messiah are selling well and it’s looking to be another successful season!

This campaign is a fresh interpretation of the traditional holiday colours. Wintry but lush, with icy blues, gold glitter and and warmed with bright poinsettias. This communicates the brand’s roots in classical traditions with an eye on the future. The colours express Christmas in a lyrical and celebratory way without relying too heavily on the expected.