Toronto Symphony Orchestra

The TSO was in the midst of implementing many exciting new initiatives for the 2015/16 season and the orchestra members enthusiastically embraced all of the new programs. The TSO marketing team wanted to do something to recognize and promote the musicians for the critical role they play.

Haft2 recommended producing a book that showcased each individual performer. This marked the very first time that orchestra members had been photographed individually for promotional purposes. We commissioned the award-winning and well-known photographer Christopher Wahl, who instructed the musicians to “come as you are.” Shedding the formal wear and capturing the unique personalities of orchestra members was a significant step in establishing the more relaxed, relatable, and unexpected TSO of today.

The orchestra members were delighted with their gift and the distribution of the book to Board members and major donors helped them understand the direction the TSO was taking.

The photography style captured the musicians in deep, rich colour tones to evoke a sense of prestige for the brand, while also infusing a feeling of familiarity between the readers and the musicians.