Right To Play

Through a grant from the Federal Government, Right To Play (RTP) delivers a program to over 200 schools across Canada in which students learn about global citizenship and social justice. The school children are taught how the power of play can help transform the lives of kids in disadvantaged communities. The program consisted of three components: 1) A Speaker Series in which RTP Ambassadors addressed the school about RTP initiatives and their personal enrichment from sport; 2) Play Academy which trained chosen students to lead games and play activities; and 3) Today We Play, a day dedicated by the entire school to play games learned by the students of the Play Academy. Attempting to communicate three separate initiatives and themes to thousands of teachers and students proved to be both time consuming and confusing. We needed to streamline the RTP offering while encouraging participation and enthusiasm for the program.

In preparation for 2017, Haft2 worked with Right To Play to re-name, redesign, and reimagine the entire school program. After conducting research with RTP program leaders, schoolteachers and school principals, we created the theme ‘Play Your Part.’ This served as a call-to-action for children to engage in the program. Next, we designed a fresh, compelling and kid-friendly nomenclature and overhauled the brand architecture.

We used the iconic red ball as a key visual and used the ball as the spokesperson for four three-minute videos shot in Ghana. With the RTP story being told from the ball’s perspective, we engaged the imagination and attention of our young audience.

Haft2 helped overhaul the program format and content to drive home the message that play helps kids learn and is extremely important for school children at home and abroad.

The initial communication of the “Play Your Part” program was very well received and enrolment in the program increased by 12%. Evaluations by teachers and school administrators indicated that the lowest rating for the program was 4/5 and generated great reviews:  “The best Right To Play presentation yet.”

“The Principal loved the presentation and said that last year’s was good too, but this year she like that the focus was on giving the kids a way that they can do their part.”

The development of a consistent 3-colour palette has helped unify all the individual pieces of the “Play Your Part” campaign, bringing a friendly and professional look to the brand.