Haft2 Colour Calendar | November


We don’t know what colour the first delivery vehicle was of the company that would become UPS, but as the company fleet grew, it at last warranted a standardized colour scheme. While founder James E. Casey wanted yellow for his vehicles, one of the partners, Charlie Soderstrom, pointed out the difficulties of keeping that colour clean and why, for that reason, Pullman cars on trains were painted brown. So Pullman Brown – or UPS Brown (Pantone 476C) – it was, and has been ever since.

Some think of brown as a drab colour. Not at all exciting. But maybe that’s the point. UPS Brown is chocolatey, rich and warm. It’s earthy, inspiring trust as you put your package in their care. The arrival of a familiar brown truck means your package has arrived, safe and sound. After all, any excitement should be in the package, not happening to it!

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