Haft2 13Days of Halloween – Day 1

Welcome to Haft2’s 13 days of Halloween!

This year our annual promotion has gone virtual and we can’t wait for you to see what we have in store!

Halloween is just around the corner, and one of the best ways to kick off the festivities is by decorating your surroundings. For the past 7 months, we’ve all become far too familiar with Zoom, so we present to you the Day of the Jacko’-latern!

Look forward to fun, scary, and exciting emails every day for the next 13 days!

Static Background 1920×1080  |  Animated Background 1920×1080 / 1280×720
To Save To Deskop: Right Click and “Save Link As…”


Setting Your Zoom Background:

Just in case this is your first time, here’s how to set a virtual background on Zoom:

  • Download the Halloween background of your choice
  • After you sign into a Zoom call, look for an icon that says, “Stop video” in the bottom left corner of the window. Click the arrow to the right side of it, and select “Choose a virtual background.”
  • Click on the + button on the right (below your image and a pop-up option will appear), choose either add image or add video
  • Upload as many backgrounds as you’d like, and switch them whenever you please.