Haft2Know | Typography

For this week’s Haft2Know Lunch and Learn, we dived into the world of typography. Typography is a big subject in the design world and there are many artists to get inspiration from. Here are a few artists we looked to for inspiration:

Work from Martina Flor

Martina Flor is an illustrator and lettering artist based in Berlin. Her custom lettering work has a quirky and fluid feel with her illustrative style. View more of her work at www.martinaflor.com


Work from Nick Misani

Fauxsaics are lettering-based illustrations that are handcrafted and digitized based on traditional mosaic techniques. Nick Misani, a freelance designer and letterer, is the inspiration behind this style of work. To learn more check out his body of work at fauxsaics.com


Work from Gemma O’Brien

Gemma’s work is big on colour, illustration and type. Her bold style on large canvas is eye catching and has lots of dimension. View more examples of her work at www.instagram.com/mrseaves101/