Haft2Know | Internship

Elijah has been our Junior Designer intern for the past 3 months and has been a great addition to our team. To commemorate Elijah’s last week, we asked him to host the Haft2Know Lunch and Learn and share what he’s learned over the last 12 weeks.

Here are a few points he shared on what he has learned during his internship:

It’s all in the details

As a branding agency, we strive to ensure our work is designed down to the smallest detail. From the specific colours used, the typography treatment and creative content.

A lot about colour

At Haft2, we pride ourselves as the colour authority for branding. We wanted to make sure Elijah gained his colour knowledge during his time with us. We ensure colour is used to support the brand and strategy behind our designs.

Thanks Elijah for bringing such creativity and dedication to your work here at Haft2 and we wish you much success in your career!

(Photo Above: Elijah, Junior Designer Intern)


(Photo Above: Haft2 Design & Accounts team)