Haft2Know | April 2018

Mastercard Foundation Strategy Launch: Young Africa Works in Rwanda

In March 2018, the Mastercard Foundation hit an exciting milestone with the opening of their new office in Kigali, Rwanda and the launch of their new strategy, Young Africa Works. The Foundation also announced two new initiatives in Rwanda, Hanga Ahazaza and Leaders in Teaching, to a number of stakeholders including representatives from the private sector, Government, Board members of the Foundation, other donors, and young people.

Haft2 was engaged to design the look and feel of the launch event including stage design that leveraged the creative concept of an acacia tree, podium, pull-up banners, and a series of printed artwork showcasing the talent of young African artists across the continent – and some attendees enthusiastically took home prints of the artwork at the end of the event.

The launch was incredibly well-received by all attendees and marks an exciting new chapter in the Foundation’s work.

Right To Play’s Play Your Part initiative

Building on the success of the first year of Play Your Part, Haft2 created new content including teacher and student resources and, working with production company Four Ninety Films, produced a two-part video titled “Stevie’s Story”. The video takes the viewer on a journey around the world to witness the power of play in Right To Play programs, all through the lens of protagonist Stevie, who simultaneously goes on a more supernatural journey of her own.

In 2016, Haft2 rebranded the Right To Play Play Day and developed a three-part school engagement initiative called Play Your Part that encouraged students to use the power of play to learn important lessons and become better global citizens. The program launched in over 200 schools across Canada in 2017, and culminated in a very successful day of fundraising.

View Part 1 of Stevie’s Story here.

View Part 2 of Stevie’s Story here.

New Colour Trend Alert: Gen Z Yellow

Just as Millennials “owned” last year’s most trendy colour – Millennial Pink – Generation Z is in charge this year. If you’re not yet familiar with Gen Z Yellow, you are sure to make its acquaintance as we roll into spring. Gen Z Yellow has made its mark in the fashion world, and will soon be infiltrating everything from Instagram feeds to architecture to food (turmeric lattes, anyone?). Whether you’re a fan of yellow or not, the colour psychology behind yellow does not lie – it is an undeniably cheerful and optimistic colour that may not be such a bad thing for the world!

Welcome, Cora DeVries

Cora DeVries joined Haft2 in the end of March as Account Supervisor. Her many years of experience in advertising, print production and project management on large-volume projects make her uniquely capable of managing Haft2’s roster of clients.

And as a baker-entrepreneur extraordinaire, she is prepared for the all-encompassing role within the Haft2 accounts team.

Her tasty talent is warmly welcomed by all!