Haft2 Colour Calendar Project 10th Edition

Now in its tenth year, the Haft2 COLOUR Calendar Project is one of our fundraising initiatives inspired by colour. This year, it seemed fitting that the theme for our calendar would be A Year of Growing.

Although 2021 was challenging, it also provided us time to reflect on life. So, what better way to celebrate life than through plants? Specifically, houseplants. That’s the inspiration for this year’s colours. We’ve compiled a series of twelve indoor plants. Each month features a unique plant that will be sure to liven up any space with its superpower of air purification and delightful pops of colour.

We hope this collection of unbelievable plants inspires you to grow, as much as we were in inspired by illustrating and writing about them.

All proceeds from this year’s calendar will be donated Friends of Allan Gardens, a non-profit group working with the city, dedicated to preserving and enhancing Allan Gardens. Allan Gardens is an inclusive horticultural oasis in the heart of downtown Toronto, opened in 1860. Consistent with its historic role, Friends of Allan Gardens hope to make it a place of creativity, education, natural beauty, and cultural influence.

By purchasing a calendar for CAD $25 (plus shipping), you can show your support for Friends of Allan Gardens. To order your calendar, email us at Hello@Haft2.com.

Inspired with the beautiful hues of nature and house plants, our 2022 calendar includes a wide spectrum of cool and warm greens each unique to the house plant featured in the calendar.