Haft2 Colour Calendar | May

John Deere

Adopted in 1876, John Deere’s leaping deer originally leapt in a downward landing pose. Since 2000, the leaping deer flies up, on a field of green.

Not just any green. It’s a brashly verdant green. It’s the green of lush and fertile fields; it’s the green of freshly sprouted crops that inspires the hopes of every farmer; it’s the green that promises that spring will always come.

It’s the green of John Deere equipment.

Farming’s tough. John Deere knew that when he designed a plough in 1837 that could work the heavy prairie soil. But what inspired that shade of green? Deere machines were built on green frames as early as the 1870s. Maybe Deere wanted to imbue his equipment with the sense of hope found only in people who do crazy, gruelling, audacious things – like becoming farmers or heads of multinational companies – that birthed John Deere green.

Spring always comes.

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