Haft2 Colour Calendar | March

Mattel’s Barbie

Once thought a colour for boys, pink has been a “girl” colour since WWII factory women traded in their working blues for hausfrau pink aprons. And Barbie embodied that new view in her early days, when she only had “girl” careers – secretary, nurse, stewardess (we mean, flight attendant!). But in 1965, she got a big career boost, with Astronaut Barbie in her gold-trimmed spacesuit.

Since then, she’s been a doctor, a paleontologist, a computer engineer. She’s run for president, been painted by Warhol, dressed by Mackie, been a drag queen, suffered a celebrity breakup, graced the cover of Sports Illustrated. In 2018, she made a series of Inspiring Women, a spectacular lineup of women in history that included Amelia Earhart and Katherine Johnson.

Barbie can be anything. Anyone. So can every little girl – or big girl, for that matter!

Pink is where it’s at

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