FairSport is an independent foundation striving to eradicate cheating in sport. They support confidential sources who speak up to unmask doping, and educate the global public on the value of honesty and integrity in sport. The FairSport founders approached Haft2 for the required brand identity and website to get the organization off the ground.

Haft2 created a clean, simple wordmark logo with a colour palette of blue and green, and developed the tagline, “Champions of clean sport”. For the website, we established the graphic design including font, colour and iconography. We also incorporated photography showcasing sport in a fresh, clean and vibrant way. Since it is absolutely essential that confidential sources remain strictly confidential, we built the site with the highest possible levels of security.

FairSport moved from being an idea to a reality. Athletes now have a secure, reliable and confidential means to come forward and report doping. With recognition and agreements from the World Anti-Doping Agency, FairSport is a credible, global defender of honesty and integrity in sport.

Translating a global brand essence into colour requires understanding colour and emotion. Haft2 incorporated the two most popular colours, blue and green, for the wordmark. These colours embody the brand message of trust, security, health and growth.