Explorers’ Edge

In 2011, Ontario was divided into thirteen distinct tourism regions. Regional Tourism Organization 12 (RTO12) was looking to brand itself as a destination for couples and people in search of extreme sport activities – a significant departure from the quiet and peaceful cottage country image for which it was known.

Collaborating with Toronto advertising agency Y&R, Haft2 performed a competitive review and stakeholder interviews in order to arrive at the positioning of “Naturally Adventurous”, which was later adopted as the tagline.

Collaborating with external naming companies, Haft2 generated a shortlist of 20 name options that were tested and submitted for legal and URL clearance. “Explorers’ Edge” was selected to position the region as a unique destination for lovers of extreme sports.

Collaborating with RTO12’s committee of owners, operators, and business people led to the approval of the new logo, colour palette, and a series of design applications for print and digital materials.

Today, the Explorers’ Edge identity includes a website, social media applications, and other communication pieces established by Haft2. A 2013 brand health study conducted by Cloud Ad Agents states, “the Explorers’ Edge region is perceived as having a large variety of outdoor activities” and is attracting younger, adventure-seeking visitors.

The brand palette is based on nature, using key colours from water (cyan) and rock (black) to communicate the essence of the brand, while appealing to a slightly more male audience.