Haft2 13Days of Halloween – Day 1

Welcome to Haft2’s 13 days of Halloween! This year our annual promotion has gone virtual and we can’t wait for you to see what we have in store! Halloween is just around the corner, and one of the best ways to kick off the festivities is by decorating your surroundings. For the past 7 months, View full post

Haft2 Colour Calendar | June

Post-it Note A colour doesn’t always have to shout to get attention. “Post-it Brand Hero Yellow” (Pantone 120C) is proof of that. A soft, distinctive yellow that’s anything but generic, it’s still a 3M registered trademark, though the patent expired on the low-tack glue in 1997. Who hasn’t used a Post-it? The original sticky note View full post

Haft2 Colour Calendar | May

John Deere Adopted in 1876, John Deere’s leaping deer originally leapt in a downward landing pose. Since 2000, the leaping deer flies up, on a field of green. Not just any green. It’s a brashly verdant green. It’s the green of lush and fertile fields; it’s the green of freshly sprouted crops that inspires the View full post

Haft2 Colour Calendar | April

Cadbury Crème Egg While the colours on Crème Eggs packaging change from time to time and country to country, purple always surrounds the Cadbury wordmark. Cadbury purple – or more precisely, Pantone 2865C – is rich and regal. Quite apropos, as legend has it that the Cadbury brothers chose it as a tribute to Queen View full post

Haft2 Colour Calendar | March

Mattel’s Barbie Once thought a colour for boys, pink has been a “girl” colour since WWII factory women traded in their working blues for hausfrau pink aprons. And Barbie embodied that new view in her early days, when she only had “girl” careers – secretary, nurse, stewardess (we mean, flight attendant!). But in 1965, she View full post

Haft2 Colour Calendar | January

Now in its eighth year, the Haft2COLOUR Calendar Project is one of our fundraising initiatives inspired by colour. This year, our calendar design explores the power of brand colour. When deciding on this year’s theme, we looked into our own expertise of colour and design to understand how some brands really can “own” a brand View full post

Haft2Know | Internship

Elijah has been our Junior Designer intern for the past 3 months and has been a great addition to our team. To commemorate Elijah’s last week, we asked him to host the Haft2Know Lunch and Learn and share what he’s learned over the last 12 weeks. Here are a few points he shared on what he View full post

Haft2Know | Guest Speaker: John Packman

  In this week’s Haft2Know, we had the pleasure of having John Packman as our guest speaker. John is a Toronto-based photographer that specializes in portraiture and has worked with clients such as Sinai Health System, Just for Laughs, The Ottawa Mission and many more. He talked about his experience working with a wide range View full post

Haft2Know | Typography

For this week’s Haft2Know Lunch and Learn, we dived into the world of typography. Typography is a big subject in the design world and there are many artists to get inspiration from. Here are a few artists we looked to for inspiration: Martina Flor is an illustrator and lettering artist based in Berlin. Her custom View full post

Haft2Know | Brands as a Subtlety

This week’s Haft2Know Lunch and Learn revolved around the subject of Brands as a Subtlety. A company knows they’ve made it when they don’t need to prompt people anymore to make them think of their brand. Someone seeing a soccer game thinks of Adidas, or hears a pop can open and thinks of Coca-Cola. (View View full post