2021 Haft2COLOUR Calendar Project – March

Smaragd From the Latin for emerald, smargd is a bright, jewel-like green – an outlandish name for a fantastic shade. Adding to its weirdness: It’s the only noun in English that ends in “gd”! But whether it reminds you of the colour of leprechauns and shamrocks or the first few shoots of new grass, what View full post

Haft2’s Valentine’s Day Zoom Background

Prepping for Valentine’s Day? Use this Valentine-themed background for your February 14th Zoom meetings! Feel the love – whether for business or pleasure. And from all of us at Haft2, have a lovely Valentine’s Day.   Static Background 1920×1080  |  Animated Background 1920×1080 To Save To Deskop: Right Click and “Save Link As…” Download Instructions: View full post

2021 Haft2COLOUR Calendar Project – February

Amaranth A shade of deep reddish-rose, amaranth is also the name of a flowering plant. To the Victorians, amaranth (the flower) was known as love-lies-bleeding, and was a symbol of hopeless love. So, while it’s a gorgeous colour, it’s probably not high on the list of blooms to include in a Valentine’s bouquet – if you’re View full post

2021 Haft2COLOUR Calendar Project – January

Drunk Tank Pink Hopefully, the New Year won’t find you in such circumstances. But drunk-tank pink is exactly what it says on the tin – slapped on holding-cell walls, the soft bubble-gum shade was found to soothe anxiety and calm aggression over short periods. If you want to recreate it yourself, it’s a four-to-one white/red View full post

Haft2 Colour Calendar | December

Tiffany & Co. Talk about your iconic colours! The mere sight of a bag or box in Tiffany Blue excites the beholder, calling to mind the glamour that Tiffany’s embodies, a legacy of celebrity and Hollywood and music and – especially – craftsmanship. Tiffany Blue first appeared in 1845, chosen by founder Charles Lewis Tiffany View full post

Haft2 Colour Calendar | November

UPS We don’t know what colour the first delivery vehicle was of the company that would become UPS, but as the company fleet grew, it at last warranted a standardized colour scheme. While founder James E. Casey wanted yellow for his vehicles, one of the partners, Charlie Soderstrom, pointed out the difficulties of keeping that View full post

Haft2 13Days of Halloween – Day 12

With Halloween on the way, now’s the perfect time to brush up on your spooky and downright-scary movies! From the classics to new favourites, we’ve got you covered. So, to help you get your watch list off to the right start, we are sharing our Halloween Half2 (get it, get it?) List.

Haft2 13Days of Halloween – Day 11

Halloween is such a fun time of year! While dressing up and playing make-believe might not be in the cards this year, we made it a little easier with face masks. To help you celebrate this coming Halloween, we’re giving away a HANDFUL of printable face masks, in different designs. Make sure you tag us on our Instagram page (@haft2know) so we View full post

Haft2 13Days of Halloween – Day 10

Halloween will likely look a little different this year, and even though big Halloween parties are not happening, you can still get in the spirit with the right soundtrack. Our team has chosen some of their favourite Halloween tunes that are bound to set the scene for a fun-filled and spooky evening.

Haft2 13Days of Halloween – Day 9

The origins of the haunted house date back to 19th-century London, when a series of illusions and attractions introduced the public to new forms of gruesome entertainment. It’s now 2020; we’ve been dealing with a global pandemic for more than seven months, Halloween as we know it isn’t happening this year . . . all View full post