Haft2Know | Typography

For this week’s Haft2Know Lunch and Learn, we dived into the world of typography. Typography is a big subject in the design world and there are many artists to get inspiration from. Here are a few artists we looked to for inspiration: Martina Flor is an illustrator and lettering artist based in Berlin. Her custom View full post

Haft2Know | Brands as a Subtlety

This week’s Haft2Know Lunch and Learn revolved around the subject of Brands as a Subtlety. A company knows they’ve made it when they don’t need to prompt people anymore to make them think of their brand. Someone seeing a soccer game thinks of Adidas, or hears a pop can open and thinks of Coca-Cola. (View View full post

Haft2Know | Variable Type

Haft2Know Lunch and Learn is a weekly session where we share content, discuss trends, colour, inspiration, design, advertising, and more. One of the topics highlighted in our Haft2Know sessions is variable type. This has been seen in a variety of work from different brands (ie. McDonalds, Yop). Variable type typically features bright colours, hard cuts View full post

Haft2Know | July 2019

Social Media in a new way Haft2Know Lunch and Learn is a weekly session where we share content, discuss trends, colour, inspiration, design, advertising, and more. Each session highlights a different subject. In this session, we focused on brands using social media in a new way. McDonald’s is a great example of using social media View full post

Haft2Know | April 2018

Mastercard Foundation Strategy Launch: Young Africa Works in Rwanda In March 2018, the Mastercard Foundation hit an exciting milestone with the opening of their new office in Kigali, Rwanda and the launch of their new strategy, Young Africa Works. The Foundation also announced two new initiatives in Rwanda, Hanga Ahazaza and Leaders in Teaching, to View full post

Haft2Know | March 2018

World Ovarian Cancer Day May 8th is World Ovarian Cancer Day and Haft2 is proud to play a part in the 6th annual digital campaign to raise awareness of this often-fatal disease. Ovarian Cancer is referred to as the “silent killer” and our 2018 campaign encourages women not to be silent, but to speak out and View full post

Colourful Language for 2018

Since 2013, Haft2 has led a fundraising initiative that combines our support of non-profit organizations with our passion for colour theory and colour knowledge. The Haft2 Colour Calendar Project has a new life every year, and this year our colour palette and graphics are inspired by the theme of language. We use colourful idioms every View full post

Haft2 Turns Up the Heat With a Firefighter Calendar

This past summer, Haft2 was engaged to refresh the annual Firefighters Without Borders calendar. Firefighters Without Borders is an organization dedicated to helping fire departments around the world get a “hand-up” so that they’re prepared to deal with emergencies, as well as creating a stronger fire organization and community. The calendar showcases some of the View full post

Giving the Gift of Community

The holidays are a very joyful time at Haft2, but we know that the season is difficult for people living in isolation and poverty. To help less fortunate members of our community, Haft2 is once again supporting ehm, a street mission in downtown Toronto. ehm offers a number of programs and services for homeless and View full post


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