Day 10 – Haft2’s 13 Days of Halloween

Long week counting down the days until Halloween? Us too. Only three more days for Haft2’s 13 Days of Halloween! Why not use that to your advantage and make your colleagues wonder if they’re seeing things on Friday morning during that first Zoom call? Download the animated Zoom background at the link in our bio. View full post

Day 9 – Haft2’s 13 Days of Halloween

Today is Day 9 of our 13 Days of Halloween 💀 At Haft2, we’ve been piloting a four-day week, so today is our Friday. Apart from parties and trick-or-treating, one of the things we all are most excited about is Halloween movie marathons. As we head into Halloweekend, we’ve compiled the teams’ Morbid Movie Picks View full post

Day 8 – Haft2’s 13 Days of Halloween

If you’re a horror movie fanatic like we are, our horror movie themed backgrounds are for you! Download this Hellraiser Zoom background below and you’ll be the scare of any Zoom meeting. And remember, no one says you have to stop using it once October ends! 😉 Static Background 1920×1080 To Save: Right Click and View full post

Day 7 – Haft2’s 13 Days of Halloween

We’ve been creeping it real in the office lately, scroll down to see our favourite songs when we’re trying to get in the Halloween spirit!   Check out the playlist here

Day 6 – Haft2’s 13 Days of Halloween

Halloween is just a scream away! For Day 6 of Haft2’s 13 Days of Halloween, we’ve got you covered with greeting cards you can share with your friends, family or right to your story. Download the greeting card below by right clicking and selecting “Save Image as…”.  

Day 5 – Haft2’s 13 Days of Halloween

Today is Day 5 of Haft2’s 13 Days of Halloween. We’re just about one week away from Halloween, which is the perfect time to change up your boring old Zoom background and give everyone pumpkin to talk about. See below to download a static or animated version of our “The Shining” background. Static Background 1920×1080  View full post

Day 4 – Haft2’s 13 Days of Halloween

Day 4 is here! Planning a Halloween get together with friends or celebrating in the office? You’ll be sure to make your guests do a double take with this Dracula’s Blood cocktail! Only a few simple ingredients bring this drink together, and the plastic fangs tie it all together for the ultimate Halloween-themed cocktail that View full post

Day 3 – Haft2’s 13 Days of Halloween

And we’re back! It’s Day 3 of Haft2’s 13 Days of Halloween 💀 We have a surprise today that we’re all so excited about we had to try it out ourselves! We experimented with making an AR filter for the first time – head to our story and you too can be a Haft2 skeleton. View full post

Day 2 – Haft2’s 13 Days of Halloween

It’s Day 2 of Haft2 Halloween! Want to freak out your coworkers or friends on your next Zoom or Teams meeting? Use this background inspired by The Ring and they’re sure to be jumping! Download the background below by clicking on the dimensions and the image will open in a new tab. Static Background 1920×1080 View full post

Day 1 – Haft2’s 13 Days of Halloween

Welcome back to Haft2’s 13 Days of Halloween! For the next 13 days, your social media feeds will be filled with tricks and treats that you can use to get in the Halloween spirit. If you’re anything like us, you love Halloween – our office has been decorated since October 1st! And if you’re not View full post