Haft2 Colour Calendar | April

Cadbury Crème Egg

While the colours on Crème Eggs packaging change from time to time and country to country, purple always surrounds the Cadbury wordmark.

Cadbury purple – or more precisely, Pantone 2865C – is rich and regal. Quite apropos, as legend has it that the Cadbury brothers chose it as a tribute to Queen Victoria: Purple was her favourite colour.

Since 2004, Cadbury had been fighting to extend its limited 1995 trademark on its purple. Appeals all failed. Options exhausted, Cadbury ceded the rights to the trademark in 2019 – but it’s a conditional surrender. Cadbury insists it will continue to protect, through unregistered rights, the prized colour.

What’s the fuss about? It’s about the power of a brand colour. How colour can underpin brand identity and brand recognition. It’s not the first battle over colour, and won’t be the last.
Colour is far too important.

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